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10 educational toys or activities to help keep your kids entertained at home!

Running out of ideas on how to entertain your kids at home while the schools are closed?

Well, you’re not alone! Parents around the UAE are struggling with how to keep their kids happy, healthy and entertained – all from within their own home. Here’s a round-up of some of our toys that are great for home fun, while also supporting their crucial learning and development, plus some other fantastic companies and activities you can turn to.

1) Make your play educational with Olli Ella Pack ‘n Play backpacks

While your Easter travel plans may have been disrupted, the Olli Ella Play'n Pack backpack is still a fantastic way to keep your little one occupied. Jammed with imaginative play activities including a 6.5ft colouring roll, pack of 103 stickers, non-toxic crayons, colour alphabet cards, and a wooden toy, these packs can be used just for fun or incorporated into your home learning plan.

The below tips can help you quickly turn the pack into an educational activity:

- Use the alphabet cards to practice spelling or ask your little for words that begin with each letter

- Play a game of ‘How many XX can you find’

- Get your little one to create a story related to the theme of their colouring roll

2) Keep your kids fit and healthy with Wobbel Boards

Each child uses their Wobbel board for something different, which makes these toys so versatile! From pretending to surf or using it as a bridge for their toys to cross over or a seat to curl up in and read, there’s no end to what these boards can be used for.

If – like us – your kids’ energy levels seem to be going up more and more with every day spent at home, then the best way to use your Wobbel board if for exercise! Combine your Wobbel board with a Bumpa Mat and come up with an aerobic fitness class for your littles, or help them reach a state of Zen with our Wobbel Yoga cards! As well as keeping your child fit and healthy, you will also be able to use the Wobbel to explain to them the importance of fitness and why now more than ever we need to look after our health.

3) Let their creativity run wild with Selfie Clothing

What's not to love about designing and wearing your own clothes? Well, it’s time to see if your child is a future fashion designer or artist! Choose from a Superhero, Mermaid, or Dubai-themed T-shirt and let them colour to their heart’s content! Chopping and changing between colours, your mini me will be kept busy (and quiet) for hours and will look cool in their new T-shirt at the end of it!

4) Help your kid become king of the road with Way to Play

Every child loves to create something from scratch, instilling a sense of achievement and pride when they see the end result. The Way to Play sets feature easy to connect road segments, combining straight roads, curves, parking spaces, roundabouts, junctions and moreto help your little one create a road system to beat all others. Made of high grade, child safe rubber, simply roll out an adventure anywhere and anytime, indoors or outside!

5) Keep creative with Katie Jane Dubai

Normally hosting a range of fabulous group classes for little ones in Dubai, at the moment Katie Jane Dubai is constantly posting fun activities you can do at home on their Instagram (Katiejane_Dubai) and Facebook (Katie Jane Dubai PLAY) pages. Follow them for some fantastic home-fun inspiration!

6) Balance play and work with Five Minute Mum

Although the kids aren’t at school, you may still be working yourself from home. @FiveMinuteMum provides a range of easy and fun games for parents to do with their children, all in five minutes. Follow them on Instagram or head to their website here for more information.

7) Go green with @thegoodkarmaco

If you’re planning on using this time at home to have a clear out, why not implement some sustainable changes. Head to @thegoodkarmaco to check out their range of gorgeous products that are good for the environment, helping you do your bit for the world around you.

8) Encourage reading with Reading Eggs App

The Reading Eggs Learn to Read app is a great online tool, designed by experienced teachers to promote real learning on the go. Interactive and engaging, this is a great way to make sure your kids are spending at least some of their time off learning!

9) Go green with @RecycleAndPlay

We recently came across @Recycleandplay on Instagram and were blown away with the creative activities they have! Each one is super easy to follow and uses things you have around the house, as well as anything you have left over in the arts and crafts drawer!

10) Download these worksheets and go!

For those of us struggling with ‘home schooling’ at the moment, these useful worksheets can be downloaded and printed at home. Plus, there are activities to suit all age groups, so you can be sure you’re not under or over educating your little one!

What are you doing to keep your kids entertained (and yourself sane!) while they’re at home? We would love to hear your ideas on how to keep them busy during this tricky time!