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Christmas Series Gift Guide: Banwood Bikes & Trikes

What’s one of the main things kids ask for come Christmas time? A bike!

And if the usual red shiny bike with a bell isn’t your style, then why not opt for something that both you and your kids will love. The Banwood bikes and trikes offer stylish simplicity and comfort and will leave your littles bursting with excitement on Christmas morning.

The Trike

Inspired by a minimalistic Scandinavian design, the Banwood Trike is a classic designed toddler tricycle with a soft padded seat, vegan leather detailing and a gorgeous wicker basket on front. As well as encouraging your toddler to burn off some energy, the trikes also help develop their balance, coordination, special awareness and motor skills.

The FIRST GO! Balance Bike

We all know how exciting it is as a kid to have your stabilizers taken off! To feel all grown up and proud of yourself that you’ve made it to the next step of biking. The FIRST GO! Balance bike is the perfect way for your kids to progress on their first bike, with no pedals, chain or training wheels to get in their way. It encourages them to use their own core balance skills and position their body forward to they stay steady as they ride – perfect training for riding a big bike.

Classic Pedal Bike

If your child is a little bigger and in need of their first big boy/girl’s bike for Christmas, then the Banwood Classic Pedal Bike is the perfect solution. Inspired by vintage adults bikes, they mix Scandinavian streamlined simplicity with classic touches and gorgeous colours. They have faux leather handles, cream tires and a detachable wicker basket – ideal for packing all their toys or snacks on the way to the park. Plus, just like any classic bike, you can expect all the trimmings including a kick stand, stabilizers, adjustable seat and handlebar, bell, wheel reflectors and speed gears.

No matter the age of your mini, Banwood have you covered for all things bicycle this Christmas! Order yours now before they sell out!