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Christmas Series Gift Guide: Wobbel Boards

We all know that kids change their mind on what their favourite toy is all the time. And as parents this can leave us having to fork out for new things more often than we would like.

So if you’re stumped on what gift your little one will get the most use out of this Christmas, you’re not alone!

Wouldn’t it be great to find a gift that will grow as they grow – something they will be able to play with in endless different ways and never get bored of?

Enter, the Wobbel Board!

This Dutch-made balance board is perfect for all kids no matter their age, from toddlers who love to spend all day trying to balance on top of it or wobble to and fro, to bigger kids who use it as a form of exercise, a reading nook, a bridge for their cars or a bed for their teddy bears.

Designed to be supportive of your child’s development, the Wobbel board inspires their creativity and pushes the boundaries of their imagination, while developing their strength, co-ordination, balance, mobility and motor skills.

What’s more, this fabulous, sleek addition to your home is made using sustainably sourced materials, making it an investment that helps you give back to the environment.

If you’re worried that your little one will soon tire of their Wobbel Board, here are some of the most common uses that will show you their versatility!

- Yoga

- Gymnastics

- For relaxing or even taking a nap

- Seat or small table for inside a den

- Bridge for cars, animals, dolls to cross or a tunnel for them to pass under

- Rocking chair

For more information or to order yours in time for Christmas, click here.