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Eco Home Cleaning - DIY'ing It.

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

As part of my sustainability plans for 2019 - and beyond, I have ditched lots of home cleaning products that I once used to purchase week in, week out.

Ditching these products means I'm using less single use plastic and contributing to our global plastic issues that little bit less.

It also means we're using less chemicals around the house - which is absolutely better for our health and wellbeing.

Not to mention the money I save too, which is always welcome!

Below I share with you some of our DIY home cleaning product “recipes”.

They’re all nice and simple to make, smell delightful and do a great job of making your home sparkly clean and germ free!

All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner (Can also be used as a glass cleaner)

½ cup vinegar

¼ cup baking soda

2 litres of water

2/3 drops of your favourite essential oil

Floor Cleaner

1 cup of vinegar

4 litres of water

4/5 drops of your favourite essential oil

Toilet Cleaner

¼ cup baking soda

1 cup vinegar

Scrub whilst the mixture fizzes

Kitchen chopping board

Use a lemon cut in half and rub across your chopping board surface.

For a more vigorous clean add some rock salt and massage across the board with the lemon.

This will eliminate odours, and disinfect at the same time!

Microwave Cleaner

Place vinegar and lemon juice in a microwaveable dish, inside the microwave and put microwave on for 2 minutes.

Leave the cup in the microwave for a few minutes once it finishes and then – just wipe!

It’ll cut through any grease and leave your microwave smelling nice and fresh.

Home made Sterilising/Disinfecting Solution

With children and babies around this is a must for killing germs bought in from outside (footwear etc) and for keeping spaces where they play, and toys free from germs, helping to keep them well – which as parents will know can be quite tricky sometimes.

I use this on our Bumpa Mat and to wipe toys with.

Mix a solution of equal parts vinegar and hot water - voila!

Use this either as a solution to wipe down your surface with a cloth or use instead of plain water in a steam mop for floors, or into a spray bottle for kitchen or other surfaces.

This simple but lethal combination has been found to reduce bacteria and viruses by as much as 95%.

*note that vinegar may be quite harsh to some surfaces. It is advised to dilute further by adding more water and to trial this solution on a surface you might not be sure of first of all.

The vinegar smell will dissipate the surface dries.

And now - here's a list of the places I buy the items I mention above so you can get started with your own DIY home cleaning products:

Essential Oils

Holland and Barrett and most pharmacies stock these.

I have also found them to be on sale regularly.

I particularly like to use Lavender Oil, but Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are also good to use for their disinfecting properties.

Large Bottled Vinegar

Carrefour or LuLu Hypermarket.

I usually buy this in the large 1 litre bottles for use and it'll last a month or 2.

Baking Soda

This has been a tricky one to find in Dubai. I have found it to be out of stock, more so than in.

To get over this, I resorted to buying the large bag from desertcart.ae which has easily lasted 4 months already and will not be running out any time soon.

Keeping a clean, sterile and non toxic environment for your littles is easy to DIY!

I would love to know what homemade cleaning products you make and use? Have you found any natural cleaning cloths, sponges and brushes too? I regularly look for these without much luck.

Another option for consideration if this seems a little too much for you is refillable products.

I have seen this option in the Organic Foods & Café on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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