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Gorgeous items to spruce up your home décor

Living far away from your home country means it’s all the more important that you create an inviting, cosy home here in Dubai that your family will love.

Although there are endless shops to choose from in Dubai, it can be challenging finding unique pieces that no one else will have and avoiding the usual ‘Oh I have the same thing’ or ‘I’ve seen that in IKEA’ comments!

Luckily some of our products double up as toys for your child and gorgeous pieces to make your interiors that little bit more cosy!

One of our favourite interior designers in Dubai, House of Hawkes, recently used some of our items in her latest big girl’s room design for a client. Check out her blog post here for inspiration!

Olli Ella Nyla Changing Basket

The Nyla Changing Basket is a gorgeous addition to any nursery and is extremely practical and safe, as well as stylish. It’s portable and lightweight so you can move it to any room in the house and the timeless design will be able to adapt with any décor without looking out of place.

Olli Ella Mosey Basket

As sturdy as it stylish, the Mosey Basket is made from rattan with bamboo handles, a sustainable and super gorgeous piece to add to any room in your home. I love filling ours with wildflowers – while the kids love filling it with new toys!

Olli Ella Mini Chari

The Mini Chari is a favourite for its versatility – it can be used on the front of the bikes, as a crossbody bag or a rucksack. But we love using it in our kids’ rooms as storage. My girls love filling theirs with their favourites cuddly toys or dolls, while Toby’s is always jam packed with action figures. For a grown-up room, you can fill it with dried flowers or even use it on the wall to store magazines in the living room or rolled up towels in the bathroom.

Olli Ella Piki Basket

Just like the Mini Chari, the Piki Basket is a great versatile piece. My favourite place to use it is in the kitchen, storing baked goods or sweet treats on the kitchen island. Another great way to use it I’ve seen in the past is as a shoe basket for your little one. Imagine how cute these look with neatly stacked ballet pumps inside!

Olli Ella Storie Stool

A stool with a hidden storage compartment, the Storie is one piece that can be easily used in any of your rooms. Next to the sofa to balance your cup of coffee on, in your kid’s reading corner, next to the bath to hold your candles or a glass of wine, or in the bathroom as stool for your littles to reach the sink – the options for this one are endless.

Olli Ella Strolley

Quickly converting from a pram to a trolley, the Strolley is an ideal book or toy storer for any nursery or kids’ room. The classic Olli Ella colours of pastel and neutral tones mean this piece can fit in with any design. But make sure you use it somewhere that it can easily be wheeled in and out, as ours is always on the go with little Rosie!

Malabar Baby bed linen

Our Malabar Baby bed linen – quilts, pillows and receiving blankets – are all sustainably hand printed using organic cotton and organic dyes. The gorgeous Indian-inspired patterns bring a super stylish look to any cot or bed, and the sleep suits that we have also match the same beautiful designs.

If you’re working as an interior designer or re-doing your home and looking for inspiration, get in touch with us and let us help you with your décor ideas!