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Open-ended toys that will grow with your child

We all know what it’s like as a parent – just as you buy your kid’s favourite toy, they have their sights set on something new! Quicker than we can count, new characters or TV series seem to be their fancy of the month.

That's why we love bringing timeless toys to your little ones – toys they will be able to enjoy and grow with as the years go by.

But why are open-ended toys so fundamental to your child’s development? Well, mainly because they encourage their imagination to really work hard. As well as having no age limit, open-ended toys also have no limit to their uses and it’s fascinating how different children will play with these toys in completely unique ways.

What’s more, open ended toys will also save a little of your hard-earned cash, with you only having to invest in them once rather than buying new toys on, what feels like, a weekly basis!

Looking to invest in some more open-ended toys for your family? Here are our six top Eco Souk picks your whole family will enjoy.

Wobbel Boards

A staple in more and more family homes across the UAE, the Dutch-made Wobbel boards are the perfect open-ended toy, as children never seem to run out of ways use them! From a place to practice balancing and yoga to a bridge for car toys, a bed for dolly or a cosy seat to sit and read, give a child a Wobbel and let their imagination run wild! Created to help with a child’s motor and coordination skills, there are the Wobbel Starter, the Wobbel Original and the Wobbel Pro with Felt.

Grimms Rainbow

German brand Grimms creates the perfect old-fashioned, ‘why re-invent the wheel’ type of toys. Their Rainbow is so simple and yet so classic - a versatile toy that stacks, sorts, balances and builds whatever your child’s imagination chooses. Bringing hours and hours of fun to babies and children of all ages, the Rainbow is made from lime wood and coloured with a non-toxic water-based stain.

Grimms Stepped Pyramid

Another timeless toy, the Grimms wooden Stepped Pyramid is a classic building and stacking toy, a firm favourite of kids of all ages. The vibrant shades of rainbow-inspired colours can be stacked in endless different ways, creating everything from a bridge or a fort to a classic pyramid or house.

Olli Ella Piki

Can you ever be too old for a picnic? We don’t think so either! And with the Olli Ella Piki Basket your little one will be able to show up to their picnic in style! But this isn’t where the fun for Piki’s end. They can fit with any kind of play activity, such as sorting games or tidying up, with all manner of toys calling it their home at one stage or another. They also help support fine and gross motor skills and coordination in your toddlers, while making them feel all grown up that they’re now allowed to carry their things around themselves!

Olli Ella Luggy

One of Olli Ella's most popular product, the gorgeous Luggy wheeled basket is a great solution to help your toddler carry their most prized possessions around, while also helping support their balance and coordination skills. Available in five colours, the Luggy will go everywhere with your child, from the beach to the playground, packed with their favourite toys and snacks. And just like the Piki baskets, there’s no end to what they can be used for, with most toddlers loving just spending time packing and unpacking them with different toys! For bigger kids, there’s the Medium Luggy and you can even match with your mini with a Mama Luggy.

Bumpa Mats

Less of a toy but still a much-loved product by our clients, the Australian-born Bumpa Mats are the perfect play mats to help your baby’s development. With a beautiful neutral pattern one side – ideal to match your home interiors – and a colourful, teacher-created road or track design the other side, the Bumpa Mats are 100% non-toxic and extremely durable. These are also perfect exercise mats for indoor physical activity when the weather is too hot outside, great for anything from yoga and aerobics to family dance parties!

We would love to hear what your kids' favourite open-ended toys are? Leave us a comment below!