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Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Exercise is essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle - we know that.

But what are the benefits of moderate, low intensity exercise during your pregnancy and postnatal period?

Here, Zoe Cresswell one of our favourite UAE - Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainers and Midwives shares with us reasons why keeping ourselves moving during pregnancy are a must - for those of us with non complicated pregnancies.


Improved circulation - hopefully help to prevent those swollen ankles and fingers

Less leg cramps

Reduces the risk of bloating and constipation - the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy

Moderate weight gain - normal healthy women should aim to gain around 12kg in their pregnancy

Reduces the risk of lower back pain

Maintenance of cardiovascular fitness - all that hard work wasn’t for nothing

Better coordination and body awareness, your centre of gravity changes with your new body shape

Preparation for labour - you may need some stamina!

Better sleep - always a blessing!

More positive self image

Improved mood

Reduced stress levels

Great way to start to meet other mums


You're more likely to continue to exercising postnatally if you have been throughout your pregnancy

Faster recovery after birth

Increased self confidence and reduced anxiety

Reduced risk of postnatal depressions

Improved energy and metabolic rate

Improve postural imbalances which have occurred due to your changing body shape

Some much needed ‘you’ time - hoorah!

Meeting other new mums in classes - it’s so important to have a good support network

Children who watch their parents exercise are more likely to lead an active lifestyle themselves

Faster return to your pre pregnancy weight

Helps to repair your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor (if using a trained professional)

You must always check with your doctor that it is safe for you to exercise during your pregnancy and when you can start back again after having your baby. Please always ensure you are training with pre and postnatal specialists. Remember, exercise during your pregnancy is all about maintaining fitness and not becoming fitter. Listen to your body at all times, if it doesn’t feel right then stop.

Want to know more or get some expert advice?

Reach Zoe through her Instagram account @zoesfitness_dxb

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