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Shift your mindset this year with these easy-to-follow resolutions

We’re now over mid-way through the first month of 2021 and having time to reflect on the things we’re put on our resolutions list for this year. We haven’t so much made resolutions but have decided to shift our mindsets a little to make sure we have a happier, healthier year to come.

Focusing on our mental health

Now more than ever it’s important we focus on our health and wellbeing, but that doesn’t just mean making sure the kids eat healthily or take their vitamins. We also need to focus on the mental wellbeing of those around us, which - depending on the ages of your kids – can be quite tricky to manage.

Our littles have had their routines upturned a lot this past year and so it’s a good idea to make it part of your daily or weekly plan to schedule in some time to nurture their emotional wellbeing. Here are our favourite things to do at home.

· Create games to broaden your little one’s emotional vocabulary. All kids will know what it’s like to feel sad or happy, but do they understand more descriptive words like feeling disappointed, frustrated or anxious? We play with the Little Coach House emotions flashcards to talk through a range of different feelings and what may make us feel certain ways. We then come up with things that could put a positive spin on when we’re feeling low. This helps build your kids’ knowledge and awareness about their emotions but also shows them that it’s always a good idea to share what they’re feeling and not hold things bottled up.

· Meditation moments in the garden. We like to put on some relaxing music and have meditation moments in the garden where we all lie down on cosy blankets or on the Wobbel boards and have some peaceful time to be within our own thoughts! Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a lot more effective with my elder two with Rosie, my 20-month-old, finding this game not the most fun! There are some fantastic resources on YouTube for meditation for kids and many videos with useful breathing techniques for them to learn as well. We’ve also started doing Cosmis Yoga before bed as a perfect way to wind down and relax.

· Getting outdoors more can really help improve your mental wellbeing. Rosie goes to a weekly Nature Nook class with Katie Jane Dubai. The classes are in a nice open park so COVID safe and help contribute to our 1000 hours outdise mantra for the year.

Improving our physical health

I’ve been focusing on my physical health for a while, always trying to get in weekly workouts. This year I’ve started Best 10 and I’m really enjoying the workouts and meal plans! I’ve also decided to try and get more steps in, especially if they can contribute to my 1000 hours outside goal. I meet friends for early morning beach power walks or catch up on a Podcast as I take off around my community – anything I can to get my step count up. For young mums, put the baby in the buggy and make them part of your workout. For mums with older kids see if you can enroll them in your walking goals as well.

I’ve also read a lot about the Wim Hof method and have now started taking cold showers! It was most definitely a shock to the system when I started but now, I love how alive it makes you feel! It really does help improve your anxiety and stress levels and give you a much-needed energy boost.

Contributing to the health of the planet

While the world slowed down this year, nature really had the chance to breathe and heal. So, we want to encourage everyone to continue doing as much as they can to help the environment as possible. At Eco Souk we have said no to all plastic wrapping and only use recyclable paper bags or boxes. We print using FSE recycled paper and only use soy ink stickers. Plus, we are now supporting One Tree Planted – for every order we receive online we plant a tree with them.

Here are some quick eco-friendly fixes you could do at home:

- Avoid using non-recyclable products wherever possible and always make sure you recycle everything that you can

· Refill items like rice or nuts from refill stations into glass jars, rather than buying plastic packages

· Stop buying bottled water and instead invest in a filter for your tap

· Make sure your AC is switched off if you’re not in the house

· Replace the lightbulbs throughout your home with energy-efficient bulbs

· Upcycle your current furniture or buy second hand instead of buying new pieces

· Give your old clothes or toys to charities instead of throwing them away

· Buy local food products as often as you can

​How’s your January going? We would love to hear about how you’re 2021 is going so far and see if you’re sticking to your new year’s resolutions or have already broken them!