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Heading off somewhere nice this Spring? Don’t forget these top travel essentials!

As the Spring holidays draw nearer, families across the UAE are planning on escaping for a week or two. But as we all know, travelling with young kids can be a tad stressful, especially when their excitement levels are running in overdrive!

Whether you’re hitting the beach, exploring a new city or just visiting family back home, we have the perfect travel essentials to make your life a little easier this holiday.

Here’s a selection of our top Eco Souk travel items you shouldn’t leave home without!

  • Travel in style

If you’ve ever struggled with your kid’s hand luggage, then this is the perfect product for you. Lightweight – weighing only 1.5kg – the Olli Ella See Ya Suitcase makes the most gorgeous (and not to mention practical) travel companion. As it’s super easy to pull along your kids can manage it all by themselves, leaving you with free hands, for once! Although, if like me you’re a Mama of three, your hands won’t be free for long!

Choose from Rose, Rust, Mint or Mustard for your little adventurer, and leave them to pack their favourite toys in style.

  • Keep the kids entertained

Do you have a long plane journey ahead of you? Well, the in-flight entertainment will only keep your little occupied for so long. To stop boredom setting in, plan ahead with the super-creative Olli Ella Play n Packactivity pack – made up of a 6.5ft colouring roll (impressive, we know!), a large pack of stickers, box of crayons, alphabet cards and a wooden toy.

***For the whole of March we have the gorgeous Olli Ella See Ya Suitcase and Pack ‘N Play activity as a Travel Bundle Set, priced at only AED425, saving you 15%!***

Keep their creativity flowing with a piece of Selfie clothing, which allows them to colour in their own t-shirt or sweatshirt. How cool is that! Plus, it will keep them occupied for hours on end! The Dubai colour-in t-shirt also makes the ideal present for any little family members you’re visiting back home.

  • Stay comfy on the beach

For those hitting the beach this Easter, the Malabar Baby towels are ideal to wrap your little ones up in between cold sea waves. Made from 100% pure cotton with the softest hoods, these block-printed towels come in a range of designs. Or why not treat yourself to a fabulous Malabar Baby Robe for Mama’s – the ideal lightweight beach or poolside cover up.

  • Keep cosy on the plane

The Malabar Baby swaddle or Malabar Baby blanket are perfect for any plane, train or car journey. Made from 100% organic cotton, these baby essentials will keep your little angel warm and comforted, while you trek across the world. The super light organic baby muslin swaddle can even double up as a Mosquito cover to use over your pram, or as a bit of shading to keep the sun out of their little eyes.

  • Keep the little ones sleeping well

Keeping your baby in a sleep routine while you’re away can sometimes be a worry. The Malabar Baby Lightweight Sleeping Bag is designed for warmer climates and use in AC, perfect to keep your baby cool but still cosy under their blanket. Or are you heading off to colder climes on the Ski slopes or to chilly old Britain? Well, the Malabar Baby Cotton Quilted Baby Sleeping Bag will be your new best friend. Weighing next to nothing, these essential sleeping bags will fit into even the most over-packed suitcase!

With these travel essentials in tow, we guess the only thing left to do is enjoy your Spring holiday with the family!

We’d love to hear all about your upcoming travels in the comments section. And of course, tell us what your favourite Eco Souk travel companion is!