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Summer essentials to keep your kids happy at home

I’m sure all parents out there are as glad as I am that home schooling has now finished and the summer holidays have officially begun! But as many of us are still not leaving Dubai this summer what can we do to keep the kids occupied and out of our hair?

Let's face it, we all know that screen time is the easiest option but what can keep your kids occupied off screen? Here we look at some key summer essentials to help you keep your sanity and the kids busy.


Most kids are probably thinking that with the start of summer the books and reading can be put on hold for the next couple of months. But we know that's not the case. This can be a struggle, so what books can help encourage your kids to read just for the fun of it?

No matter how old they are, Roald Dahl books always a hit. In our family the top favourites are Matilda, The BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox. Another author that never fails to entertain is David Walliams, especially Gangsta Granny, The First Hippo on the Moon, Mr Stink and Fing.

Instead of ordering books off retail giants like Amazon why not support a local business in the UAE and order from the likes of Booktopia. that way you will also be helping a small business owner survive Dubai’s sometimes harsh summers.


While it may be too hot to go outside for long during the summer you still need to find a way to encourage your kids to exercise and keep fit. Our Wobbel Boards are the perfect solution to this problem. While exercise may not be their only use - with endless fun games being played on the boards - one of the best activities is yoga and practicing balancing. Download our yoga cards here and make it part of your kids’ summer routine, such as 30 minutes active yoga on the board after breakfast or a calming stretching routine before bed. Combine your Wobbel board with a Bumpa Mat for a safe and soft-landing place.

Brain development

Now we all remember from when we were kids ourselves the fact that your brain seems to switch off during the summer holidays! You would arrive back at school in September having pretty much done nothing all summer except for run around and play with friends. Keep your little ones’ motor skills development going with the help of Grimms Toys. These help ignite their imagination without having to rely on screen time or battery powered flashing toys that drive us all mad! Favourites in our house include the rainbow and the pyramid with my kids playing with them near enough every day. And what's amazing is that most of the time they’re inventing new ways to build or stack the blocks.

If your house is anything like mine your older kids will have many of their games ruined by their younger siblings! I've created a little nook upstairs using a ByAlex playmat so that my eldest two can build with their Grimms toys in peace without little Rosie stumbling over to ruin their creations!


Our Olli Ella Play N Pack bags keep little ones occupied for hours with endless colouring. But to go one step further with creativity we always turn to ideas we find on Instagram or Pinterest. Our favorite Instagram pages to follow and try to recreate are @Katiejane_Dubai, @Funcraftskids and @Artbarblog.

We also love to bake and cook as a family, so try out new recipes whenever we get the chance. Our go-to place for family-friendly recipes is BBC Good Food and My Kids Lick The Bowl.

What are your plans over the summer? We would love to hear any ideas you have about keeping your kids entertained at home! Share them with us in the comments below.