Wobbel 360 - (Age 0+)

Wobbel 360 - (Age 0+)


Europe's leading balance board making waves as the "must have" open ended toy for babies, children and grown up's across the globe!


The Wobbel 360 is a variation of the much loved arch board.

Adding a new dimension to fun and Wobbel-ing with its ability to spin, twist, swing and even walk with a little jumping power!


The Wobbel 360, just like the Wobbel Original and XL inspires creativity, and pushes the boundaries of your littles imagination. All whilst developing strength, co-ordination, balance, mobility and motor skills. 


There are endless reasons to love the Wobbel 360!


Wobbel 360 - For children aged 0+


The Wobbel 360 comes with a grey felt base, making it suitable for use on hard floors.


*Small babies and children should always be supervised whilst using Wobbel Boards.

*We also recommend small children using their boards on a soft surface - a playmat or carpet for example.